A Few Words

About Us

A Few Words About Us

Welcome to JiuJitsu Recovery!

My name is James O’Connor and I’ve been teaching and training in the Martial Arts for 30 years.

Having done Traditional Martial Arts, MMA, and now mostly Brazilian JiuJitsu I know the beating your body takes from daily training.

As a Brazilian JiuJitsu Black Belt I researched heavily the best supplements I could take as a Baseline of Recovery, to keep me from breaking down and more importantly to Keep Moving Forward.

Currently I’ve put together all the supplements I use to maintain Muscle Mass through all the cardio and endurance training JiuJitsu puts you through, Joint Formula to help ward off pain and injuries, and even some cognitive supplements to keep the brain sharp.

I know that through my diet alone not all of my Macro and Micro nutrient levels are being met. This is why I threw in Greens, Amino’s, and Whey Protein Powders.

I believe these baseline supplements are key in helping one recover from the rigors of JiuJitsu training, and they can be a great asset when you are out of time to cook healthy meals and want to avoid Fast Food like the plague.

Keep Moving Forward

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